Terms and Conditions of Ticketing

1. Tickets are valid only for the route, date and time of sailing stated thereon and it is not allowed to board the ferry if expired.
2. Passengers can purchase tickets by Octopus or cash at the Service Centre at Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier (Eastern Berth)(for same day sailings only), the opening hours of Service Centre: Every Saturday from 10:00 to 19:10, ticketing service will stop 10 minutes prior departure.
3. Passengers can purchase pre-sale full fare ferry tickets via online travel agency websites(for upcoming four sailings only). The cut off time of online bookings via websites is 14:00 on the day before the sailing day (Friday for normal sailing). Passengers who purchase tickets via the website must present the confirmation letter and a valid identity document for ticket(s) redemption at the Service Centre at Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier (Eastern Berth) at least 30 minutes before the ferry departure. 
Please check https://hongkongwatertaxi.rezio.shop

4. Passengers can also contact us through the Hong Kong Water Taxi hotline or email us to make reservations for the upcoming four sailings and follow the booking guidelines to complete the payment. Passengers must provide the bank in slip to us before 14:00, the day before sailing day. Confirmation letter will be provided once we received the bank in slip copy. Please email the bank in slip to ticketing@hongkongwatertaxi.com.hk or WhatsApp to 852-52200126 to our company. Confirmation letter will be sent out once we confirm all the information.
5. Hong Kong Water Taxi berthing piers: Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui Landing No. 1 (i.e. near the Statue of Anita Mui of Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui East) and Central Public Pier No. 9.
6. Passengers must arrive at the Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier at least 30 minutes before sailing departure, the cut off time of the ticketing service and ticket(s) redemption is 10 minutes before departure, the gate will be close 5 minutes before departure. No refund and cancellation will be provided for any late arrival.
7. Passengers who have purchased tickets for departed at Tsim Sha Tsui Landing No. 1 (i.e. near the Statue of Anita Mui of Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui East) and Central Public Pier 9 (platform 2), please hold the ticket or confirmation letter and wait in line at the pier for boarding. Hong Kong Water Taxi will provide standby seats at the pier depending on the seating situation. Passengers who have not purchased tickets can use cash or Octopus to purchase tickets on board.
8. Passengers purchasing tickets through Octopus at the service centre of Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier or on board have been approved to join the “Government Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme”, and other payment will not be included.
9. Octopus is not applicable to payment for freight and bicycle.
10. In case of special circumstances such as extreme weather, current speed, etc., Hong Kong Water Taxi sailing schedule will be adjusted. The specific sailing time is subject to the release of the company. Passengers are advised to pay attention to the update service resumption arrangements and more details via the Hong Kong Water Taxi official website, mobile app and Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier Service Centre.
11. To ensure the safety and security of passengers, the sightseeing deck will be temporarily closed for use by passengers during bad weather condition.
12. Please keep the tickets properly and take the sailing according to the voyage on the ticket. If you want to add a voyage, please contact our cabin attendant to pay the fare difference. Passengers are required to present their ticket to our cabin attendant when disembarking. If the journey exceeds the actual purchased voyage, passenger should pay the fare difference by Octopus or cash on board. Full fare payment shall be made for any loss of ferry tickets.
13.Refund for sailing cancellation due to force majeure such as bad weather or breakdown of the ferry can be made at the Service Centre at Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier within 30 days.  For tickets that were bought via online, passengers are required to contact travel agency for the refund.
14. Once the ferry ticket is sold, it will not be refunded or amended.
15. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.

Ticket Information

Hong Kong Water Taxi Ticketing Centre, Hung Hum (South) Ferry Pier 
Ticketing Office
Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier
Opening Hours:
Sat: 10:00-19:10